London Festival Of Small Business

London festival of small business is a unique event where you can gain the extraordinary experience of directly interacting with all the successful small business enterprises, showcase your own up and coming small business company, and you can also meet and network with the current leaders of the small business world. This will be a place where new ideas can be conceived with the mutual exchange of experience and knowledge.


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Small business Sector 

Small business in the UK has been steadily growing for the past 10 years. Currently, small businesses account for more than 99% of the private sector enterprise and around 50% of private sector employment. It also accounts for 33.2% of private sector turnover. After having recovered to the prerecession level, the small business sector is currently poised to go through a major boom in the next few years. This is the most opportune moment to get involved in small business sector. London Festival of Small Business will give you the necessary information and exposure to help you be a part of that growth. 


Participating business enterprise

We are proud to say that for this festival, we have invited companies from more than 20 different fields of business from accountancy to . There will be companies from healthcare, education, food industry, marketing, entertainment, fashion etc. These companies have years of experience behind them and will share some of their valuable pearls of wisdom. They will share with you their business models and the secret to their success. Their leaders will be present to answer any question that you might have.



This festival will give equal opportunity to not only gain knowledge but also to interact and present your own ideas and points of view. The festival events include showcases from various enterprises, keynotes, question answer sessions, debates, workshops etc. In the showcases and keynotes, the businesses will be discussing their company models, their mottos, strategies and statistics. In the question answer session, you will have a chance to ask the leaders your questions. Debates will be organized. You can register to participate in the event in the festival itself. However, you can register online as well and to ensure that the spots for the debates and workshop don’t fill up, we would suggest that you register early on. In the workshops, you will get hands-on experience in the business. The workshops will include healthcare workshops, fashion workshops, financial services workshops, telecom workshops etc. All these events are either free or at a nominal cost, so that you can have the maximum participation. Another special event would be the gala lunch. Coupons will be available on spot. You can interact with both the leaders and peers and establish a connection with them. Small business exhibition event and webinars will also be conducted. The main idea behind these special events is not only learning new concepts but also to gain newer skills. You will also have the opportunity to network with a large number of companies in a small period of time.

How to contribute

If you are small business and want to contribute, please register with us online or call us. We would love to host you in this festival. This will be a great place to showcase your business. You can give back what you have gained so far, with your helpful tips. We invite company leaders to participate in the showcases, webinars and question answer sessions. You can host workshops and display your business model to our guests. As we have said before, this is an excellent place to network. It gives you a direct opportunity to get feedback on your business from the guests as well as a chance to know your business peers. There will be special prizes at the end of the festival for businesses with the best showcases and workshops. However, we believe the real reward for you will be the great amount of networking that you will gain from this event. There is no minimum limit to the size of your company to be eligible for our event.



For sponsors, please contact us directly if you want to sponsor or co-sponsor the event. You can sponsor the entire festival or any number of events in the festival. Price rate will depend on your degree of involvement. We encourage you to participate in this event as it is definitely a great opportunity for you to meet new clients as well as contribute to a noble cause. 




Historically, over the years, we have hosted not only business festivals but several other festivals including family festivals. Our main motto is to contribute to the society in any way we can. We believe that our society essentially thrives on business. By hosting this event, we can revitalize the small business sector which is a major business sector right now. We can showcase all the older and newer businesses, so that our guests have something to take back from them. To promote the spread of knowledge and ideas and to encourage networking is our main objective. Every day, several great new ideas are conceived but only a few of them thrive due to the lack of a proper platform. We want to provide that platform where not only the enterprises but also the guests can give a voice to their ideas. After successfully hosting the small business model for several consecutive years, we are looking forward to hosting this year as well.



As previously mentioned, the small business landscape is going to undergo a major shift in the next few years. Many old and new small businesses have already achieved success and many are on their path to success. Our goal is to provide a stage where they can share their knowledge and secrets with you and where you can freely exchange your thoughts and opinions with them. We want you to experience the practical side of business as well as have networking opportunities with other guests and business leaders. We hope that our festival can make you more competitive by enhancing your knowledge and ideas.